• Marriage/Family is the fundamental Institution of society. The strength of society is based on the strength of marriage and the family.
  • Strong foundation of the family is derived from the genuine love of husband and wife in an indissoluble relationship involving a sincere gift of self for the good of one another.
  • This gift of Love is further realized by sharing in God's creative power to bring children into existence, welcoming each child into the family with unconditional Love, care and education. 
  • The Family is the first school of the human virtues, which are the animating principles for the development of a cohesive and civilized society.
  • The Family is the unique institution whereby individuals are accepted solely for themselves. The unconditional love, respect and acceptance within the family allow each individual to develop into a complete and authentic person.
  • Couples can give to each other and to their children only what they themselves have. The ability to foster human virtues in one another is enhanced by one's own continuous personal development and being a united team of husband and wife.
  • Children's chances for happiness are vastly improved by developing their intellect and will, forming good habits called virtues, and growing up secure of the deep love of their parents.
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children with the responsibility and the right to develop the full potential of their children within the family atmosphere of love and consideration.
  • Successful parents are those who strive  to nurture and raise their children to become mature and self-possessed individuals --- capable of thinking and acting optimistically and responsibly, generously giving themselves in service to others.

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