Love is a decision - to Will the Good of the spouse. The Will can strive to love deeper with an entire spectrum of drives and emotions to bestow on a spouse the full web of human affection, tenderness, passion, and a charm of genuine faithful love. There is a need to continually strengthen the bond of marriage, and to deepen the couple's intimate relationship and friendship through effective communication and the sincere gift of self. This  course helps couples with the knowledge and tools to achieve greater marital happiness and unity. 


A practical course for parents with very young children from newborn to 3 years old, helping parents develop the basic good habits of orderliness, good sleeping and eating habits, hygiene and virtues in their children. It provides technical information on early childhood education. The Will is the faculty that governs a person. Training of the Will then is very important from the first moments of life.


Children in the range of 4-7 years old start to develop their personality and reach the age of reason at 7. This stage requires the parents' individual attention  on each child so as to know the child better, develop a well formed mind, a resolute will, good operative habits called virtues thereby enhancing child's character , personality and temperament. Authority is a right and duty parents have that entails a deep knowledge when putting it into practice so as to live justice, responsibility, and a spirit of service.


Children in age range of 8-11 make many personal decisions in daily situations. To make good choices, parents educate their children on virtues and moral values and principles to guide their child's early decisions.


Adolescence is a physiological stage that begins with puberty and unfolds through somatic stages that are accompanied by notable psychological instability. It is a period of necessary crisis wherein the personality negotiates the difficult transition from childhood to responsible adulthood.  The parents' affection, tranquility, patience, understanding, positive encouragement and guidance  are crucial at this stage from 12-22 years of age. Neuroscientists tell us that the human brain achieves its adult solidity with all the right connections in place- around the age of 23.


A program for emerging and young adults facing their FUTURE and the need to make big decisions and commitments, frequently without having the essential criteria or knowledge -- regarding their vocation, career, dating, marriage, and the meaning of life. This course guides them to analyze reality, make pertinent and intelligent decisions with freedom and responsibility.


The golden years of marriage, their educational role in the framework of child development, and how to communicate more effectively in the inter-generational relationships of the family


Regular get togethers among FE course alumni  with specific topics about marriage and family life, discussed by experienced speakers. A pot luck dinner or dessert or picnic combines learning and fun to promote friendships and to facilitate the sharing of what works in family situations.


Noted speakers are conducted periodically on contemporary topics such as : Successful Parenting, Temperaments, Effective communication in Marriage.


Family Enrichment Leadership Training

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